Not only do we provide the highest of quality reformers & tables, but we have a huge range of accessories including jump boards, sitting boxes, rotation discs, poles, pillows & much more!

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Our range is so impressive 澳洲幸运5现场直播开奖号码-that we cater for the home enthusiast, right through to a fully professional clinical pilates studio. Call us today to see how we can help you!

Pilates Accessories

Not only do we provide the highest of quality reformers & tables, but we have a huge range of accessories including jump boards, sitting boxes, rotation discs, poles, pillows & much more!

Pilates Reformers

We have a great range of Pilates Reformers from our simple yet study home range, commercial and a beautiful, classic timber reformer

Pilates Reformers

High quality and great value
Pilates Reformers

Pilates Equipment

A full range of pilates equipment, ladders, barrels, cadillacs and accessories!

Pilates Accessories

Full range of accessories, rings,
dvd’s, balls and more!





Pilates Equipment Melbourne

Invest in Pilates Equipment in Melbourne to Strengthen Your Body and Mind

Originating in the 1920s, Pilates is a low-impact exercise targeting muscle strength, flexibility, and posture. We understand that trying a new exercise class can be daunting, which is why The Pilates Solution provides Pilates equipment in Melbourne to help you build your own studio right in your home.

Benefits of Owning Our Pilates Machine in Melbourne

Pilates machines offer a challenging workout that is customisable to your fitness levels.

  • Our Reformer models offer all the benefits of Pilates along with a full-body workout. Made from robust and durable springs, the Reformer provides resistance to each move that you make, strengthening muscles and toning your body. Adjustable springs allow for varying levels of resistance, enabling you to increase your workout goals as you require. Reformer Pilates is not only effective for toning muscles but also for improving your posture. The balance-based movements improve your stability, leading to better posture and spinal alignment. Proper posture is an influential tool for healthier breathing, increased blood circulation, and overall better well-being. The deep stretching associated with all types of Pilates effectively improves your flexibility, assisting in an injury-free, active lifestyle.
  • The design of the Reformer machine produces a high-intensity, low-impact fitness regime that even accommodates patients with injuries. The horizontal plane takes the pressure off weak or damaged joints, allowing users of all ages and fitness levels to build on their abilities. Athletes enjoy performance-enhancing benefits by improving muscle endurance, and runners can improve their routine by building their body’s awareness, technique, and muscle strength to improve their performance. Reformer Pilates provides a safe exercise option for users who are pregnant, and the floor exercise can boost comfort during childbirth while reducing back pain. Including Pilates in your exercise regime during pregnancy will maintain your fitness levels and help you get back into your exercise program after birth.
  • While Pilates offers a great workout for your body, your mind benefits, too. A Pilates class takes your mind off looming deadlines and emails and enables you to focus on your movements. Your body releases endorphins, which improves your mood, and working on improving yourself also boosts your morale. The movements that you make can assist your brain function and memory, slowing down brain degeneration. Learning new movements opens your brain up to new information that constantly challenges your mind and body, increasing your brain’s capacity.

It’s a well-known fact that exercise aids in better sleep. The simultaneous mental and physical focus tires out your core muscles as well as the muscles in your brain.

Little-Known Facts About Pilates and Melbourne Pilates Equipment

Historically known as Contrology, Pilates integrates equipment and machinery for a full body and mind workout. 

  • The first Pilates machine, called the ‘Magic Circle’, was made with the steel bands found on beer kegs.  
  • This form of resistance training boosts your metabolism. A one-hour Pilates session will allow you to continue to burn calories throughout your day. 
  • Pilates is not about how quickly you get through an exercise. Rather, it focusses on how well you conduct poses, your breathing, and your overall movements. 

Why You Should Buy a Melbourne Pilates Machine 

We stock a wide range of competitive, high-quality brands, guaranteed to challenge each movement as they target your entire body. For more information on our models, contact us.

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