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The Align-Pilates A8-Pro Pilates reformer is brand new for 2020 and is the updated version of our flagship commercial Pilates reformer, the A2. The A8-Pro has a completely new runner profile and runs on 8 PU wheels (rather than 4  nylon wheels of the preceding A2 models), this new platform offers a quieter ride, improved handling of cross loading forces and reduced maintenance. The A8-Pro also features our new patent pending Rapid Change spring bar for the fastest spring bar adjustment on the market and a host of other subtle improvements, to make the A8-Pro the new star in the Align-Pilates lineup!

Offering refined performance, extensive adjustability, a luxurious oversize carriage and the longest travel of any standard Pilates reformer on the market!
Now in it’s fourth generation the A8-Pro is the result of over eight years of development. This reformer bundle comes with the standard leg height of 42cm, but there is a choice of 3 interchangeable leg heights, the others being: low leg (28cm) and rehab legs (64cm), making the A8-Pro a truly future proof and versatile investment. The A8-Pro has been designed for both studio, rehab and private use, with the innovative design offering a host of easy adjustments to provide complete flexibility in use. The A8-Pro Pilates reformer can be stacked (though it is heavy) and has wheels for easy movement. 
Though the A8-Pro has some significant differences to its predecessor the A2 reformer, it is visually very similar and is the same size. It also uses all the same accessories as the previous A2 models so that the A2 & A8 can easily coexist in the same studio.
The A8-Pro now benefits from off-centred shoulder rests to give a choice of shoulder widths, a new Gondola pole holder (not included as standard)
Key Features Of The A8-Pro Pilates Reformer
Longest travel of any standard Pilates reformer at 113cm – suits more people & requires less adjustment
Widest carriage on the market at 67cm for greater comfort
8 wheel system for improved performance & reduced maintenance
Rapid change spring bar with 4 spring bar positions
Oversize lockable foot bar with improved pivot point for comfort and stability.
Interchangeable legs for future flexibility – choice of 3 heights
Heavy duty construction with 150kg maximum user weight
Improved single adjuster for both ropes & new rapid set up rope controlllers
Stackable for easy storage (though weight is a consideration)
Silent system:patented silent pulleys, and metal free, ropes and handles 
Off centre shoulder rests for choice of shoulder widths
Hooks to hold a Gondola or Maple pole under the runner
Includes foot strap & fluffy
EN ISO 20957-1:2013 Class S
Additional Features
Market beating 113cm of smooth and quiet travel. More travel means less adjustment and easier transition between exercises.
Wider & longer carriage (67cm x 90cm) for improved comfort and to suit more body types than other reformers. 
Future proof – Choice of 3 interchangeable leg heights.
Convenient – Wheeled for easy moving and can be stacked.
Rapid change spring bar allows single handed adjustment of the spring bar without removing any sporings – 4 positions (20cm of adjustment).
A8-Pro Foot bar locks in 6 positions including flat.
Removable & lockable shoulder rests allow for a completely flat bed using the optional mattress convertor.
Stainless rope risers for rapid adjustment of rope heights. Risers fold down for use with half cadillac. Risers feature an eyelet so springs can be attached for additional exercise possibilities.
New and improved locking rope adjustment system ensures both ropes stay the same length.
Adjustable feet to ensure the reformer sits flat and runs true even on unlevel floors.
Max User Weight 150Kg 
What’s Included:
Adjustable silent foot strap with fluffy
A pair of silent double loop straps
5 nickel plated quality music wire springs in 3 different strengths
A8-Pro with Standard Leg Extensions – 257cm (L) x 75cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Optional Extras:
Half Cadillac
Platform extender
Jump board 
Planking handles
Gondola Pole
Sitting box
Low leg set 28cm height
Rehab leg set 64cm height
Please note – some accessories shown in the images may not be not included in this Pilates reformer bundle and are for illustrative purposes only.

Also available with half trapeze or we can provide a bundle price.

Length 258cm

Width 76cm

Carriage size Extra Large – (67cm W x 90cm L)

Weight Approx 98kg (max) – Depending on chosen legs

Max user weight 150KG

Additional information

Leg Options

Low Leg, Rehab Leg, Standard Leg


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