Align C8 Pro Pilates Reformer with Full Cadillac Bundle



The C2 Pro Full cadillac bundle includes the C2 Pro Pilates reformer, Full Cadillac frame & brackets, C2 Pro Leg extensions, mattress converter & platform extender – all you need for a complete Pilates reformer/Cadillac combo

About The C2 Pro Reformer

October 2017 sees the launch of the latest iteration of the bestselling C Series Pilates Reformer from Align-Pilates. The original C1 Pilates reformer launched in 2014 breaking new ground in the European Pilates community, by introducing a commercially warranted reformer for only a shade over £1,000 + VAT. Now in its 5th generation the C2 Pro replaces the C1 Pro, which launched in late 2016. Whilst the C1 Pro introduced a raft of new functionality to the earlier C Series Reformers, including the potential for either full or half cadillac frames, the C2 Pro brings major performance improvements to the series, together with a host of subtle refinements that together make this the leading reformer in its class, whilst still offering unrivalled value for money.

The C2 Pro can be adapted with the use of brackets to take either a Half Cadillac Tower or Full Cadillac and like it’s predecessors, it has the ability to free-stand with the use of the leg extendors and when not attached to a Half/Full Cadillac, and has the ability to stack. The Align-Pilates C2 Pro Pilates Reformer is a full feature performance reformer, which uses many of the same quality components as its bigger brother, the A2RII.

The C2 Pro reformer – one reformer which adapts to suit your Pilates life, in the Studio, Clinic or home. Components from the C2 Pro like the full and half cadillac frame are also cross compatible with A2 Series machines giving you additional possibilities and flexibility as your studio grows.

About The Full Cadillac Frame

The Align-Pilates A2 & C*-Pro Full Cadillac Frame can be used with the Align-Pilates C1-Pro or C2-Pro Pilates reformer as well was the A2 Cadillac Bed to create a Full Pilates Cadillac – brand new for 2017 – which provides the ultimate versatility in your Pilates studio. The full stainless steel upper frame is superior to standard chromed steel frames, ensuring a long and corrosion free life. The Cadillac Frame is supplied complete with all the required accessories so there are no expensive add on purchases required.

Dimensions of the C2-Pro reformer and Full Frame Cadillac – 216cm (L) x 78cm (W) x 216cm (H)

Additional information

Mount Option

Wall Mount, C2 Pro Mount, A2R2 Mount


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