Align C2 Mattress Conversion


Specifically designed to fit the Cx-1000 (All models). Will not fit any other make.

Uses same high quality upholstery as our Reformer carriages.

Platform Extender A is the SMALLER mattress which converts your CX model into a full bed. Available separately.


– 120 days Upholstery


The Mattress Conversion B adds to platform Extender A to convert your C Model Align-Pilates Reformers  into a full bed.

Ideal for use with the Half Trapeze option (Available separately) (only for  C1 Pro and C2 Pro model).

Reformer Beds

Order Guaranteed Highest Quality Reformer Beds, Equipment, and Extras Online

We provide reformer beds, tables and accessories such as pillows, poles, rotation discs, sitting boxes, and jump boards to professional clinical Pilates studios and home users. Call us today for Australia-wide support and quick delivery.

How Much Do You Know About the Pilates Bed?

Pilates develops physical flexibility, balance, and strength, especially in the thighs, core, gluteus muscles, and back. Doing Pilates also improves your body alignment, posture, coordination, and focus. The exercises support and sustain your back and spine and help to tone and flatten your midsection.

  • Joseph Pilates invented the reformer bed, which consists of a frame with a flat platform – called the carriage – that rolls forward and backward on wheels inside the frame. The carriage is connected by springs to only one end of the bed.  
  • Reformer bed exercises offer considerably more advantages than a mat to people who wish to focus on core movements, pinpoint particular muscles, and utilise low-impact workouts to rehabilitate and recover from an injury.  
  • The adjustable springs in the reformer provide resistance and help you to attain muscle strength methodically. The springs assist you in maintaining diaphragmatic breathing and coordinated movements – which provide postural control – while you push and pull the carriage along the frame with your own strength and body weight.  
  • Speak to your doctor before you start an exercise program if you have injuries and tell your instructor about them. Make the necessary modifications to the reformer by adjusting the resistance. Alter the springs settings, change your position to permit proper alignment, tell your instructor about and stop any exercise that causes pain. Carefully monitor spinal or neck problems. 
  • The shoulder blocks keep you in a stable position and prevent you from sliding off, while the adjustable foot bar secures the springs at the end of the reformer. You can place both your hands and feet on it, contingent on the exercise.  
  • You can also place your feet and hands into the long straps with handles and adjust the springs that affect the handles and the foot bar to adapt the exercises to your body type and skill level.

Buy a home Pilates bed and experience the Pilates benefits that lead to improvements in your daily life. Gain enhanced health, relief from the pain that results from physical imbalances, and achieve flowing, effective movement and beautiful posture. The reformer enables you to do varied exercises and attain unique advantages.

The Benefits of Pilates Reformer Beds for Sale in Australia

Everyone can profit by working with a reformer bed. It provides a workout opportunity for all fitness levels. The low-impact body drills and equipment are ideal for dancers, those in training for a specific sport or hobby, individuals who wish to tone up, and persons undergoing treatment for injuries.

  • Leading athletes, teenagers, and seniors will benefit if they learn how to do the exercises through instruction from a qualified teacher and buy a Pilates reformer bed to practice their techniques at home.
  • Appropriate muscle engagement expands athletic as well as dancing performance. It lessens back pain, improves weight loss, and increases bone density. Pregnant women can do the exercises that require lying on their backs up to the third trimester.
  • Pilates reformer classes are generally more costly than other exercise classes, which is why getting a home Pilates bed once you know how to do the workouts correctly is a better financial option.
  • The reformer is versatile and provides a full motion range. You can do the movements in just about any position; sideways, upside down, balanced on the shoulder blocks or foot bar, while pulling the straps or pushing the foot bar, standing, sitting, lying down, and with additional equipment.
  • It enables you to do distinctive full-body, strength-building workouts with resistance – unlike those done on the mat – to comprehensively act on your arms and legs while involving your core.

Order your Pilates bed and acquire one sleek device to train several physical dynamics in diverse ways. Use the countless applications available – from the beginner stage through to becoming an advanced practitioner.

What Sets The Pilates Solution Apart Regarding a Pilates Reformer Bed in Australia?

Our total fitness Align brand offers extraordinary value and the best quality available. Service providers, fitness professionals, and studios have depended on us to equip them with superior, durable, and reasonably priced Pilates equipment for more than 15 years. 

  • Align Pilates is based in the United Kingdom and is the biggest European purveyor of Pilates equipment. Our range has grown so much over the past five years that you can now obtain it in Australia.  
  • The Pilates equipment market is on the rise. We design our reformers to meet the demands of commercial businesses and home users. Our adjustable machines are made to suit people of every size and ability level.  
  • The wide Align range provides equipment such as the spine corrector barrel, the split pedal Wunda chair, fuse ladder, step barrel, full trapeze table, and the C2 Pro Pilates reformer with complete Cadillac bundle, to name a few. 
  • Our accessories include gondola and roll-up poles, Pro double loop straps and rings, head and neck pillows, soft toning balls, gym wipes, and grip socks. Our home series options include jump boards, the H1 leg extension kit, and the C2 platform extender.

View our distinctive Align Pilates reformer bed price and the latest in our best-selling C Series, the Align C2 Pro Wood Look Pilates Reformer.

Why You Should Buy Your Pilates Bed from Us

We reply to all customer feedback about our products, whether positive or negative. We want to hear what you think as your comments and responses drive our business.

  • Research shows that you can reduce fall risk when you do reformer exercises once a week for ten weeks. Persons aged 65 and over experience increased functional mobility and noteworthy progress regarding static and dynamic balance.
  • Shoulder and lower back muscle power can improve within 12 Pilates sessions. Using one of our reformer beds at home will further enhance your flexibility, muscular endurance, and spinal alignment because of a stronger mind-body connection.
  • Most Pilates studios have beds lined up since reformer classes are a foremost choice. We supply our quality reformers to businesses and private consumers.

We offer secure payment via Mastercard and Visa. Zip enables you to own it now and pay it off over 12 months, interest-free. Contact us if you’re looking for a Pilates reformer bed for sale.


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